About Us

About us

Rock & Roll Experience was created to cater for the growing demand for enjoyable team building events that deliver real value and noticeable results in the workplace.

We are a company borne out of many years in the music, education, and corporate events industries. The team here at Rock & Roll Experience have played on stages around the world, performed to people at raucous rock shows, as well as private events at some of the most prestigious venues in the UK and Europe. They have taught music to hundreds of people from children, to adults; from corporate situations to dads having fun; from expert drummers to people with learning difficulties who need to improve coordination; from 1-2-1 sessions, to large workshops of 300 people.

Each of these experiences has taught the Rock & Roll Experience team members how to communicate a message with each individual. How to recognise every person’s different needs and help that person overcome their challenges and find success through music.

After many years of carrying out such work for other companies, and feeling stifled or unable to carry out the job to it’s full potential due to poor planning and execution beyond my control, I am now delighted to be able to offer these services without any compromise. We listen to the client’s needs, understand what results they want to see from an event, and then make sure we offer an event beyond their expectation.

This is a company that we really care about and if people are having a great time, and the bosses are smiling because we’ve delivered what they wanted, then we are also happy.

Our team can deliver events across the UK and Europe, and will take the time to listen to you, get to know you, and learn your needs in the planning stages. Rock & Roll Experience meets specific needs and provides real solutions.

Included in our service is the researching and sourcing of a suitable venue, be it from our current contacts that we already have, or from new venues to meet your criteria.

Through the Rock & Roll Experience and the enlightening personal insights that your team will gain, they be empowered to carry out their job with confidence, as well as motivated to thrive and develop a company culture that spreads throughout the workforce which will benefit the business and develop tangible results.

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