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Christmas Team Building Ideas that ROCK!

We provide unique Christmas experiences that your team won’t forget in a hurry….

Celebrating Success and Building Team Spirit: The Importance of Corporate Christmas Team Building Events

Our favourite Christmas team building event is the Christmas themed Make A Music Video team building event. It’s unique, brilliant and hilarious.

Here we choose a well known Christmas song. Your team split into subgroups and get to work creating the different scenes for their part of the video.

With help from props, fancy dress and their inner creative genius, they come up with very individual ways to convey the message of the song through their visuals.

We bring the props, dressing up, film crew and facilitators. We can run this anywhere whether it’s your office, a hotel, conference room, private hire space, church hall and or anywhere else. The weirder the better!

At the end we edit the video and deliver the finished product back to you within a week.

That allows you all to watch it together and share the laughter as it unfolds in front of you. This also gives the session greater legacy because you can re-share the memories every year!

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Make A Music Video

Your team can plan, create and star in their own music video. Hilarious, crazy and brilliantly unique.

Rock and Roll Choir

Uplifting and high energy. Our facilitators surprise every time and even the introverts can't help loving this.


They look like silly plastic tubes (and they are) but when the group works together they can create classical music


Nothing taps into that raw, primal energy better than drumming. Your team will connect in a way they didn't know was possible.


Here your team learn the iconic Michael Jackson dance routine. It's hilarious and great fun.

Rock Band

Learn to play real instruments, rehearse a song and then get up on stage for the big show!

Beat Boxing

Very modern and very accessible. Anyone can do this and we show you how to become expert beatboxers.


Each delegate gets their own harmonica in a musical team build that sees them master the blues harp!

Some of the companies that have experienced our corporate events

The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and bringing people together. For many corporations, it’s also a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their employees over the past year. While the year-end financials are being tallied, there’s another essential balance to strike – the balance between work and play. A corporate Christmas team building event can be the perfect way to achieve this equilibrium.

This article will provide you with several amazing Christmas team building ideas so you are aware of some of the best Christmas team building activities to offer you the perfect corporate away day. 

Celebrating Achievements

Christmas is not just a season for personal reflection and merriment; it’s a time for businesses to pause and acknowledge the contributions and achievements of their teams. It’s a moment to express gratitude for all the hard work and dedication that went into making the year a success. A corporate team building event at Christmas not only celebrates these accomplishments but also creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and appreciation among the workforce.

Make A Christmas Music Video: A Festive Twist

One of the most engaging and enjoyable ways to celebrate the Christmas spirit with your corporate team is through a “Make A Christmas Music Video” event. This unique activity is a favorite option for many companies and their employees. It combines creativity, teamwork, and fun while highlighting the festive spirit of the season.

Employees can come together to plan, shoot, and edit their own Christmas-themed music video. It’s not only a great way to encourage collaboration and creativity but also a memorable team bonding experience. This kind of event not only makes for fantastic memories but also serves as a tangible reminder of the team’s unity and accomplishments.

Rock and Roll Choir becomes Christmas

Incorporating Christmas themes into traditional corporate activities can make them even more enjoyable. Take, for example, a rock and roll choir event. By infusing it with Christmas songs, you can get everyone in the holiday spirit. Singing beloved Christmas classics together fosters a sense of unity and shared experiences that go beyond the workplace.

The Christmas Makeover: Fun and Effective Team Building

Beyond the music video and choir, there are many other corporate team building events that can be given the Christmas makeover. From our drumming events, to the harmonica or beat box events, to the rock band sessions, these activities infuse a sense of holiday cheer into the workplace.

These events may seem like just fun and games, but they serve a crucial role in team building. They break down the barriers that can develop within a corporate environment and encourage employees to collaborate, communicate, and build relationships. The trust and understanding developed during these events can translate into a more effective and productive workforce throughout the year.

In Conclusion

The importance of corporate team building events during the Christmas season cannot be overstated. They allow employees to unwind, celebrate their accomplishments, and build stronger bonds with their colleagues. The “Make A Christmas Music Video” event is just one example of how a festive twist can make these activities even more engaging.

This holiday season, as you plan your corporate Christmas team building event, remember that it’s not just about celebrating the end of the year but also about fostering a sense of togetherness that will carry over into the year ahead. By infusing a little Christmas magic into your corporate activities, you can create lasting memories and stronger, more connected teams.

So if you want Christmas team building ideas just click an image above to see our range of options and get in touch with details of your event for a bespoke cost breakdown. 

Top 10 Christmas Team Building Events & Activities

1. Rock Band Experience

This is a team building experience like no other. Learn to play real instruments, rehearse a Christmas song and then get up on stage for the big show! This is the rue rockstar experience and your team will not forget it!

2. Rock and Roll Choir

Our most popular team building event! Uplifting and high energy. Nothing brings teams together more effectively and the result is always smiles, high fives and a highly energised group of people. Here we use a Christmas classic to bring people right into the festive mood.

3. African Drumming

Nothing taps into that raw, primal energy better than drumming. Your team will connect in a way they didn’t know was possible. Allow the power of rhythm to bring them together in a highly effective and very accessible team building session.

4. Boomwhackers

They look like silly plastic tubes (and they are) but when the group works together they can create classical music. Nothing shows people that the sum is greater than the parts than this boomwhacker team building session.

5. Thriller Experience

Here your team learn the iconic Michael Jackson dance routine. It’s hilarious and great fun. Want dance but not Thriller? Well we do it all from hip hop, 80s dance, Grease lightening, ballet, line dancing and anything else you need to fit your theme.

6. Samba Drumming

The Samba drumming team building and conference energiser event brings the power of Brazilian rhythm to your corporate event. It’s impossible to ignore the energy of these Latin rhythms and the sessions never fail to get people smiling, working together and having a great time.

7. Harmonica Experience

The Harmonica Blues Experience team building event brings the spirit of blues and boogie woogie music to your corporate event. We use fun, engaging facilitators who are expert harmonica performers to turn your team into harmonica blues experts in a short time frame. And every delegate gets to keep their harmonica!

8. Beat Box Mania

The Beat Box Mania team building event brings the energy of urban hip hop culture to your work place. Once your group have been taught these skills and, amidst much laughter, got to grips with performing them they are tasked with creating their own rap over the top of their rhythms.

9. Make A Christmas Music Video

Here we bring all the equipment, outfits, and facilitators to help your team recreate a famous Christmas music video. This musical team building event is one they will never forget. We then have it professionally edited and sent to you as an everlasting memento of the day.


10. Recording Studio Experience

The music recording studio team building experience is a next level ‘bucket list’ event that will create a lifelong impression whilst teaching your delegates the power of team work. This event sees delegates spend the day writing and recording their own Christmas song in a music studio. An optional extra includes having this filmed for your own ‘Band Aid’ style video. 

What we do and why we do it

Our raison d’être is to use the power of music to create team experiences that leave every delegate smiling, full of positivity, and feeling a closer connection with their colleagues.

We don’t do cookie cutter events. We listen to you to learn what impact you want to have and then we create the perfect session to achieve it.

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