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Keys to a Successful Summer Corporate Event: From Conferences to Family Days

Corporate Summer Events, work summer partySummer corporate events, be it a conference, family day, or company away day, present unique opportunities for organisations to foster employee engagement, boost morale, and strengthen team dynamics. As the warm weather approaches, planning a successful summer event becomes paramount. In this article, we will explore the key elements that contribute to a memorable and impactful corporate gathering during the summer months.

Clear Objectives and Purpose:

Every successful corporate event starts with a clear set of objectives and a defined purpose. Whether it’s a conference aimed at professional development, a family day to promote work-life balance, or an away day to encourage team building, understanding the goals of the event is crucial. Define what you hope to achieve and tailor the event’s activities, content, and atmosphere accordingly.

Strategic Planning and Organisation:

Efficient planning and organisation are the foundation of any successful summer corporate event. Begin by establishing a dedicated event team, complete with roles and responsibilities. Determine a suitable budget, create a detailed timeline, and delegate tasks accordingly. Thorough planning ensures smooth execution, mitigates potential issues, and allows for contingencies.

Engaging and Relevant Content:

Regardless of the event type, the content presented should be engaging, relevant, and align with the event’s objectives. For conferences, curate a diverse range of speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions that cater to the interests and needs of attendees. Incorporate industry trends, best practices, and innovative ideas to provide value and foster professional growth. Family days and company away days can include fun activities, team challenges, and interactive games that encourage camaraderie and collaboration.

Venue Selection:

Choosing the right venue can significantly impact the success of a summer corporate event. For conferences, opt for a location with ample space, modern facilities, and the necessary audiovisual equipment. If organising a family day or company away day, select a venue that offers a variety of recreational activities, such as sports fields, swimming pools, or team-building courses. Consider the proximity to transportation, accommodation options, and ensure the venue aligns with the event’s theme and objectives.

Seasonal Themes and Ambiance:

Take advantage of the summer season by incorporating appropriate themes and creating a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere. Use colorful decorations, outdoor seating areas, and natural elements to enhance the ambiance. Consider incorporating summery food and beverages, such as refreshing fruit-infused drinks or barbecues, to add to the overall experience. Encourage attendees to dress comfortably and provide ample shade and hydration options, especially for outdoor events.

Employee Engagement and Inclusivity:

Successful corporate events prioritize employee engagement and inclusivity. Offer opportunities for attendees to actively participate and contribute, whether through interactive sessions, networking breaks, or team-building exercises. Encourage open communication and create a supportive environment that enables networking and relationship-building across departments and hierarchies. Consider incorporating elements that cater to diverse interests and preferences to ensure everyone feels included and valued.

Post-Event Follow-up and Evaluation:

To maximise the impact of the summer corporate event, ensure proper post-event follow-up and evaluation. Gather feedback from attendees through surveys or feedback forms to understand what worked well and identify areas for improvement. Share highlights and key takeaways with participants through post-event communication channels. Use the insights gained to inform future event planning and continuously enhance the employee experience.


Organising a successful summer corporate event, whether it’s a conference, family day, or company away day, requires careful planning, strategic execution, and a focus on attendee experience. By establishing clear objectives, curating engaging content, selecting suitable venues, and fostering employee engagement, organizations can create memorable and impactful summer events. Remember, a well-executed summer corporate event not only

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We love summer events and it’s a busy season for us.  Whether it’s providing uplifting and engaging team events such as this video of a rock choir singing event at a festival themed summer corporate party, or some live music from our performer options such as the Right Hook. We also provide other styles of music whether it’s acoustic duo, Latin bands, solo artists and more. Or maybe you want some African or Samba drumming sessions. Maybe a harmonica energiser where every guest gets to keep their harmonica as a memento. Maybe a group dance session where everyone lets their hair down and creates a unique performance together.

Just ask us what we can do for you.

Keys to a Successful Summer Corporate Event: From Conferences to Family Days

Boomwhacker Team Building


The boomwhacker team building and conference energisers are high energy, high fun and highly effective at unifying a group and getting them to work as one team.

Rock Choir Team Building

Rock Choir

The rock choir team building and conference energisers are the feel good, hilarious and high energy option that leave people buzzing and on a high having achieved something special as a team.

African drumming Team Building

African Drumming

Our African drumming team building taps into something primal and allows delegates to experience a cathartic shared experience like no other.

Music Video Team Building

Make A Music Video

Your team will create their own music video and then star in it. The experience is very unique and the edited video creates long lasting impact.

Rock band Team Building

Rock Band

Here your team will learn instruments and then perform in a battle of the bands. This sees them live out their rock star dreams for a day whilst helping them work together as a team.

Thriller Dance Team Building

Thriller Dance

The team will learn the iconic Michael Jackson Thriller dance. They must work together to pull this off. We also offer other styles of dance which have the same magical experience.

“It wasn’t just creating a choir, the energy and the way in which you engaged with the crowd was brilliant. Even on the toughest of days, you all managed to get most of them involved! I absolutely loved it every day! I only wish we had more than 45 mins!!”
Rebecca Nicholson
Retail Support Manager UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.
“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Everyone loved it – I even overheard one person telling someone it was the single best team event they’ve ever done. So thank you so much to you and the team for making it a great afternoon.”
Louise Scanlon

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