Create a Successful Team

The secrets of a winning team

A recent survey conducted by communications software company Unify, looked into teams that are not based in a single location and the ingredients that made the difference between unsuccessful and successful teams. The outcome was that being grouped in the same location, or spread geographically in several locations actually has no direct impact on the success of that team.

What did have an impact was how those team members communicated with one another. The pertinent finding was the way in which those team members engaged with each other, the frequency of that engagement, and openness that they displayed when communicating. Simply put, the successful teams were the ones that engaged often, spoke their minds, contributed freely, spoke on a personal level, and contributed equally to the mission.

Here is a short comparison of the findings grouped between teams that considered themselves to be successful and teams that considered their success to be very limited. Continue reading “Create a Successful Team”

Corporate Team Building – Make A Music Video

Design your own music video or recreate a famous one

This is one of our most popular music based corporate team building events. Here clients are given the chance to design, plan and perform in their own music video. In the standard package they will learn to play their instruments, write a song, and perform it on stage like a real rock band!

But as an alternative, the music video session doesn’t involve actual playing of musical instruments. Instead delegates simply mime and perform to camera.

This takes the excitement to a whole new level as they design, plan, and turn the video into a reality.

As well as being a great, fun experience, this is also an excellent way to use corporate music sessions to tackle real business team dynamic problems that are disruptive in the workplace. Continue reading “Corporate Team Building – Make A Music Video”

Team Building Member Stars in Caribbean

Our very own team building facilitator, Chris Sullivan, has just returned from a second string of leading vocalist performances aboard the huge P&O cruise liner Azura.

As he sailed through the Caribbean, entertaining the international crowd as they soaked up the luxury lifestyle and high quality entertainment, we’re sure he was pining to be back in the UK and working with us.

And we weren’t jealous for a moment! Continue reading “Team Building Member Stars in Caribbean”