Team Building Drumming Corporate Event

Team Building Drumming

Why is Team Building Drumming Beneficial?

Our team building drumming events are hugely popular for good reason – they have a really positive effect on the workforce. Drumming is an ancient art form that has been enjoyed by communities across every culture for thousands of years. The power of drumming is no secret but why should you consider team building drumming for your next corporate event?

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It was such a pleasure to work with you all, the experience was fantastic and we have had nothing but widely positive feedback.” Claire Paterson – Retail Support Assistant UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

Remember that your business is a community of people. If that community of people is united, caring, respectful and supportive then they will also be a very happy and productive team. As well as that being appealing because you care about your staff’s wellbeing, it also means they will be more effective at their jobs and earn the company more money.

But you know that because you’re here looking into team building ideas. So why does team building drumming work so well?

It creates a sense of unity and community

During a drumming team building session hierarchy dissolves, age, physicality, language, culture, gender and ability barriers are all removed. Everyone is equal. Here each member listens to each other, respects each other and works together in the common goal of creating rhythm.

Encourages creativity

We encourage people to remove their inhibitions, stop thinking and start feeling. The left and right brain are engaged and this allows creativity to flow. This same brain function is what brings great new, ‘thinking outside of the box’ ideas in the workplace.

Analogies between drumming and the workplace become clear

Participants learn the value of their contribution to the team as well as how important the WHOLE group is to the overall result. It also encourages listening and respect of the rest of the team.

Ready to learn

Drumming is effective at getting people to the ALPHA state when brain cycles slow down and we are most able to learn. Here we are super focused and receptive to new ideas. This makes a team building drumming event an excellent option for an energiser session during a long conference to reinvigorate, focus and engage the jaded minds.

Accessible to all

Even those who think they have no rhythm at all will get involved and experience a successful session. The team building drumming events are created to work for everybody so that everyone succeeds and has a huge amount of fun. No one is singled out or made to feel silly.

These are just a few of the benefits of team building drumming and above all it’s a really high energy, fun session that leaves people smiling and energised. We have several options whether it’s African drumming, junk percussion or the pitched boomwhcakers which take on the extra element of harmony and allow us to create a piece of classical music with the orchestra.

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