Corporate Dance Team Building Events

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Dance Team Building Events

Timescale: 30 minutes to 2 hours / Group size: 5-2000+ people

Our Thriller dance team building event is one of our most popular events because it is huge fun, uplifting, energising and inherently team building in nature. It really brings people together amidst laughter and amazement as they share a unique experience learning the iconic dance moves from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

But although the event is always a total success, the zombie vibe isn’t always the right choice for a client when booking their corporate event. And that is why we also offer several other dance styles that contain the same magic as the Thriller event just without the fake blood and gore!

This means will can still give you the energy, the feel good factor, the high fiving and the moves but we can tailor it to fit your theme or company message.

“We are often invited to PA/EA functions and I can safely say this was the best event I’ve been to in my 7 years as a PA. The event was well organised, the staff were superb and the activities were all of a high standard. Kindest Regards, Charlotte”

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We have an ever growing list of dance genres that we can use to bring just the right energy to your corporate event. Sometimes they fit perfectly with the overall theme of your event but sometimes they might just create the right level of fun that would suit your team. But as you can see below, there is something there for everyone to have a great time using dance team building for your next event.

“Thanks so much for a great team building activity, it went down really well and everyone really enjoyed it! Pretty much the whole team loved it, including those of us with no co-ordination at all haha… we had a few people who said it was totally out of their comfort zone and weren’t overly excited when we surprised them, but by the end of it they were loving it too!”

Rosie Allen, HR Advisor, Campus Living Villages


We tap into the magic of the iconic 70s film Grease with Danny and Sandy strutting their stuff around the fun fair. This is such a fun theme and really easy to learn in this team building scenario. It works for any group size but it is quite fun to have a couple of senior team leaders to play the parts of Sandy and Danny. We can split into smaller groups as well and create smaller group sections which culminate in the final dance off!


If you want something urban and hip then this is the one. Here we are bringing the hip hop culture from the street to the conference center. Think baseball caps and baggy trousers with attitude and you get the idea. This can also work really well alongside out Beat Box Mania event as they both draw on the same area of pop culture.


Here we bring the art form of tap dancing from the theater stages to your workplace. This is a tricky style but our choreographers break it down in a fun and entertaining way which makes this easy, accessible and lots of fun. It’s a really high energy and fun genre and people always love coming together and having the chance to try it.


Another style which we bring from the Vaudeville stage to the UK workplaces is jazz dance. Touching on things such as the Charleston, Jitterbug, Boogie Woogie and swing, this has become very popular with the rise of the TV hit show Strictly Come Dancing.


Our ballet sessions are hilarious. We approach these from the perspective that we’re going to have fun giving it a go, rather than any serious intent to master the style in a session. As a result delegates spend the entire session laughing and having fun whilst giving it their best. Interestingly the men get stuck into this style more than the women. Tutus are optional!

Line dance

We bring the American line dance event to Europe with cowboy boots and stetsons. The line dance event is popular because it’s fun, it’s different but it’s a little less energetic and therefore easy to grasp. If you have a bigger event then we can run this with our live band to give it more impact and encourage louder, “yee-has!”

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