A Fresh Rock & Roll Approach to Team Building

Welcome to the ultimate team building event: Rock & Roll Experience.

What is it?

Rock & Roll Experience offers participants an exhilarating but business related event which fuses the heady mix of living the rock & roll dream, whilst also developing a better and more focused group of individuals that work together to become an effective and productive team.

No experience necessary!

This totally inclusive event sees the delegates split into five main groups where they will be put through a crash course on their chosen instrument. This will see them being taught by music industry professionals in that chosen discipline, whether it’s drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards or vocals. Once they have developed the necessary skills (which is easy; Just look at the animalistic maniacs that are successful in music!), they will get together in band units to write a number one hit! They will be coached through the songwriting process but the creative inspiration will have to come from the participants themselves. Music is a great leveller, and this is where everyone needs to pull together as a band is only as strong as its weakest member.

After dinner the bands will return to the stage area in full rock clobber. Spandex, perms, and tattoos welcome. Alter Egos will be born. Dave the accountant will become Razor the lead guitarist!

Here the bands will perform their songs to the crowd before a vote is taken to decide upon the winner. Move aside Simon Cowell, this is the only real talent contest in the UK. These performances will be interspersed with performances from the pro music coaches to make sure the evening enjoys optimum rocking.

Video/photo opportunities aplenty, numerous music activities in between, and a chance to let loose in a highly creative environment will make sure that delegates are not only relaxing and bonding, but also developing essential skills that are directly transferable to the workplace.