Research Proves That Fun Corporate Events Are More Effective

Academic Research Proves That Fun Is Key To Successful Events

New research undertaken by post-graduate business students at Sheffield Hallam University has proven fun is a key influence for successful work related learning. Therefore, to get a serious message across, maybe you should really be looking at doing this through fun corporate events.

Here at Rock & Roll Experience, we believe the workplace doesn’t have to be dull or boring. We firmly believe that the same business benefits can be delivered via a fun and engaging medium; in our case its music.

But it’s always great when your own core values are backed up with serious and credible research so we thought we’d share it.

The report, commissioned by Alton Towers Resort, brings together results from a survey of over 100 employees from small start-ups through to large, established organisations. The questions were chosen following a focus group, which identified key elements, factors and perceptions associated with work related learning.

Some of the key results were:

• 57% of respondents said they would be able to concentrate more on the work based task or activity if there was an element of fun added.

• 52% of respondents find standard conferences boring, indicating they would be less receptive and engaged than the 57% of respondents that said they would be more interested in corporate events if there was an element of fun added to the learning process.

• Companies investing in work related training want to see positive results that will benefit the business. Interestingly, respondents wanted similar results from such activities with 55% hoping to improve their skills and 48% wanting to progress their leadership abilities and gain knowledge.

• Respondents also wanted to further their personal development and improve their working environment with 46% wanting to see significant self-improvement and gain practical experience and 51% looking to build new business relationships.

Rachael Cotton, head of trade and corporate sales at Alton Towers Resort explains: “Teaming up with Sheffield Hallam University has allowed us to produce a report that supports and proves adding an element of fun into a corporate event increases delegate engagement and the effectiveness of workplace education. We strongly encourage event planners to include an element of fun in their corporate event and we will continue to add new and innovative ways to our portfolio to enable this to be done successfully”.

Our raison d’être at Rock & Roll Experience is to deliver highly effective team building events that are also highly memorable, exciting and fun.

We already know from the reactions of our clients that this works, but it’s always nice to have that backed up by evidence.

Our events aren’t all about fun however. We integrate serious business issues into our session so we can really focus on specific problems in the workplace whether it’s improving communication, building trust, or just strengthening work relationships.

We can offer short workshops of an hour or two after your seminar, half day or full day workshops, music based ice breakers and energisers to help the meeting get off to a great start, and even evening entertainment with high quality live bands.

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