Are you dealing with a group or a team?

Are you cultivating work teams or groups?

On the surface a group and a team might seem like one and the same but there are crucial differences between the inner workings of each one. If you have the wrong type in your company, then productivity and effectiveness will be dramatically adversely affected.

A group is nothing more than a collection of people that are working towards a common goal, yet haven’t yet developed the structure and process to perform with a unified, effective and aligned approach. Without that infrastructure in place, the group is not efficiently working as one, nor is it able to embrace new methodologies with ease.

In fact, roughly fifty percent of business failure occurs as a result ineffective teaming, despite the product or service itself having the potential to succeed. A statistic that should not be ignored!

On the other hand a team functions as one with clear rules and structure. The members are interdependent on each other, they each have clear roles, and they each have well defined, complimentary skill sets. They have understood processes for conflict resolution, and protocols for effective decision making.

But an effective team doesn’t magically appear when a group of employees are designated a leader and given a smart business name. The team will only occur through evolution as a result of careful and deliberate effort to achieve that state.

It is also important to understand that once an effective team is created, it will not necessarily coast along with perfect functionality forever. New members might join, old ones might leave, and the nature of the business might evolve. In fact, more often than not, even highly effective teams that we meet often need a little tune-up. They require a reminder of what made them a great team in the first place and which attributes are necessary to continue at the optimum level.

The Rock & Roll Experience is a highly effective way to start the process of turning a group into a team, just as much as it is effective at helping an existing team reinvigorate their purpose.

Using music our sessions take the teams out of their comfort zone and force them to pull together to reach the common goal. There are always mini conflicts within the group that need to be resolved on the spot. The sessions also allow every member to contribute equally therefore allowing colleagues to discover each other’s strengths. And of course, it is impossible to come on our events without digging deep into your well of creativity to write a hit song to perform in the battle of the bands.

In fact, clients tell us that our sessions are the most fun they’ve ever had at a work related event, so what better way to evolve into a great team whilst also having a blast.

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