Are you a Walking Dead Fan?

Love The Walking Dead? Bring the zombie vibe to your team building event!

walking dead, zombies, thriller, team building, dance, music, corporate eventWith season 7 of the highly addictive television programme The Walking Dead being back on our screens, we are sure you are enjoying this blood thirsty knuckle ride of show! And for that reason we feel it’s right time to mention our zombie themed team building event.

Our thriller dance team building event is fun and energising and is ideal if you are looking for something a little different to bring your work colleagues together. Using professional choreographers, we teach you the iconic moves from the famous Thriller dance routine before bringing it all together to learn it for a full performance. Absolutely no dance experience is required and even those with two left feet and no rhythm will still find it easy to join in.

Then once you have mastered the dance its time to transform you all into some authentic gruesome zombies. We will give you a short tutorial on how to become a realistic zombie but you might not need help if you are already a Walking Dead fan. We then supply you with some nice blood splattered costumes so you can truly get into character, we also have Michael’s iconic red and black track suit so someone can become the legend himself! If you have a CEO or manager with a good sense of fun then it can work really well for them to play the part of Jacko.

If you want this as a shorter energiser session, then we can avoid the zombie make-up and get right down to it with the dance routine. Whatever you decide it will be a unique event that will be remembered in years to come.

So whether you want this as a smaller group affair for two hours with zombie makeovers, or a 30 minute energiser at a large conference, this Thriller team building event will leave your audience laughing and pumped up with excitement.

“We are often invited to PA/EA functions and I can safely say this was the best event I’ve been to in my 7 years as a PA. The event was well organised, the staff were superb and the activities were all of a high standard. Kindest Regards, Charlotte.”

Why not film the fun? Our film crew can capture all the fun in high definition and edit it for you to keep those zombie memories for all to enjoy.

Contact us to see how we can bring your next team building event to life.



Boomwhacker Team Building Icebreaker

Looking for a different conference icebreaker?

The boomwhacker event will energise your delegates

team building, confrence, energiser, away day, music, icebreaker , conference icebreakerOur boomwhacker event is very popular and people always respond very well to it. But for people that have never seen boomwhackers they often have no idea what on earth this icebreaker is all about.

Boomwhackers are colourful plastic tubes that are tuned to a certain note. You can hit them together or hit them against your hand and they create a percussive sound with a definite note.

Our icebreaker and energiser team building events use these tubes to get a group working together, listening to each other, creating together and enagaging with one another. It is a very accessible event and the emphasis is on fun.

Here are some common questions and answers to help you quickly understand.

What Happens?

Delegates are taken through fun rhythmic warm up games to get them working together. They must communicate visually and through music with one another to work as a cohesive group. We then learn patterns which lead to the melody of a well know tune. At the end we bring it all together to create the performance where they will be surprised at how good they sound. A boomwhacker orchestra has been created!

How long does it last?

This works best from around 30 minutes to one or two hours. It’s great as a high impact, short session that leaves the delegates energised and ready for the next part of the day, or to end the day after a more sedentary conference style session.

How many people can take part?

Groups from around five people up to hundreds can take part. It works very well with small groups and allows a more intimate approach but when we get to work with large groups it’s also fantastic as the end result is that much more powerful.

Do we need musical ability?

NO! This event works for any age group, any physical ability, and skill set and best of all no experience is necessary.

Visit our boomwhacker event page or get in touch to find out more or book a session.

Check out this video to get a feel for the boomwhcaker conference  energiser session.

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