Maximise Your Team Building & Learning and Development

Make Sure You Get a ROI From Your Sessions

In a recent CIPD learning and development survey, the overall discovery was that companies are increasingly expecting measurable and professional results from their chosen method of learning and development.

They found a significant shift towards greater integration with the business and more awareness and recognition of the importance of evaluating business impact.

When we fuse these findings with the results of another survey, which you can read about here, we see that fun and exciting training sessions are far more engaging and effective than boring ones.

For us at Rock & Roll Experience, we couldn’t be happier with these results because the foundation of our business is built on a desire to provide effective and measurable team building sessions that are exciting, fun and memorable.

So here are some of the key findings: Continue reading “Maximise Your Team Building & Learning and Development”

Are you dealing with a group or a team?

Are you cultivating work teams or groups?

On the surface a group and a team might seem like one and the same but there are crucial differences between the inner workings of each one. If you have the wrong type in your company, then productivity and effectiveness will be dramatically adversely affected. Continue reading “Are you dealing with a group or a team?”