Maximise Your Team Building & Learning and Development

Make Sure You Get a ROI From Your Sessions

In a recent CIPD learning and development survey, the overall discovery was that companies are increasingly expecting measurable and professional results from their chosen method of learning and development.

They found a significant shift towards greater integration with the business and more awareness and recognition of the importance of evaluating business impact.

When we fuse these findings with the results of another survey, which you can read about here, we see that fun and exciting training sessions are far more engaging and effective than boring ones.

For us at Rock & Roll Experience, we couldn’t be happier with these results because the foundation of our business is built on a desire to provide effective and measurable team building sessions that are exciting, fun and memorable.

So here are some of the key findings:


Of the 1,081 that responded to the CIPD survey, 28% said they used external conferences, workshops and events with the median annual training budget per employee being £286.

So although budgets are still not back to where they were in the past, and the recession is taking its time to lift, a significant proportion of businesses recognise the benefit of external workshops and are able to include that in their budget.

Of course our job is to make sure that our events cost a fraction of that budget per head so there is still plenty left for other training activities, and this is why our competitive price point is a key factor when designing our workshops.

Ruth Stuart, L&D Adviser CIPD said: “The fast-paced changing nature of the world of work and the economic squeeze has led many organisations to better analyse the impact their learning and development strategy is having on business success. What’s good for people is good for business and organisations are starting to wake up and realise that by measuring the success of L&D.[/pullquote]


But it is always of huge interest to us to see what the priorities are for companies when booking us for a session.

When asked what the focus will be for leadership development of front line managers over the next year, 57% cited producing a common standard of behaviour and changing organisational culture, whilst 42% opted for developing high-potential individuals as future executives.

In fact one of the key aspects that we focus on through our rock band music sessions is helping people to think about their behaviour towards others, the way they interact, encourage, support, and recognise abilities in each other. And we are often told that this really helps to facilitate a culture shift and organisational change which is carried through into the workplace beyond our events.

The level playing field we create within our rock band teams also gives people the chance to really rise up and shine where they might feel intimidated and stifled at work. Here we often find surprise successes from people that hadn’t yet demonstrated their capabilities at work due to fear, prejudice or lack of opportunity.

Measuring changes

Of course, being able to measure the changes post event are crucial to determine whether a ROI was achieved.

The survey discovered that 65% of organisations used direct observation of changes in employee behaviour and activity to determine the effectiveness of their training. Furthermore 43% measure behaviour change, using a before and after intervention survey method.

One of our most popular evaluation tools is simply a before and after survey. This enables people to really see the shift in attitude towards their jobs, colleagues, management, and general work place behaviour. We see how people view each other in a different light, and are really much more aware of the impact their behaviour has on others around them.

Of course, beyond measurable benefits, other desired results such as employee morale, motivation and performance are often asked for from our clients, and these are certainly areas that we prioritise. Our rock band team building sessions give participants a memorable shared experience which helps them feel valued by their company, helps them bond with one another, helps them recognise strengths in each other, and helps them respect one another. And this ultimately boosts their morale and motivates them to work harder for that company.

So to find out how we can make a positive change to your business through and exciting, unique rock band team building session, get in touch today.