Collaboration – Building Effective Teams

A key aspect when developing an effective work team is collaboration. The word collaboration can be defined as, “To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.”

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Guide to help you plan team building events

The team at Rock & Roll Experience have published a handy little guide to help those people out there who have been tasked with planning the company team building event but have no idea where to start.

If you have been asked to plan team building events in the past, or have just been asked to plan team building events in the near future, you will know the moment of fear when you realise that the options you choose could either make you the workplace hero or villain. Get it right and everyone will have an excellent, memorable day with you to thank. Get it wrong and everyone has a resentful feeling of precious time and money having been wasted because of you. Continue reading “Guide to help you plan team building events”

Team Work

If we look at a sports team we would all agree that teamwork is crucial to the team’s success. So why do we sometimes forget the value of team work in our work place? He it is just as pertinent. You have a number of individuals working towards the same goal. If they work together they will succeed for the company. If they fail to work together the company will fail.

NBA superstar Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”.

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