Guide to help you plan team building events

The team at Rock & Roll Experience have published a handy little guide to help those people out there who have been tasked with planning the company team building event but have no idea where to start.

If you have been asked to plan team building events in the past, or have just been asked to plan team building events in the near future, you will know the moment of fear when you realise that the options you choose could either make you the workplace hero or villain. Get it right and everyone will have an excellent, memorable day with you to thank. Get it wrong and everyone has a resentful feeling of precious time and money having been wasted because of you. Continue reading “Guide to help you plan team building events”

Christmas Corporate Event

Recreate Band Aid Music Video & Help Charity

Building on the success of our Make a rock band video event package, we are currently offering a very exciting and memorable corporate Christmas event that will not only reward, inspire and engage your staff, but will also help lesser fortunate people in Sub-Saharan Africa via the Self Help Africa charity at this festive time of giving.

In the sprit of Bob Geldof’s Band Aid – Feed the World campaign in 1984, your delegates will have the chance to recreate the famous video of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time’. Continue reading “Christmas Corporate Event”

Team Building – Make A Music Video

Design your own music video or recreate a famous one

This is one of our most popular music based corporate team building events. Here clients are given the chance to design, plan and perform in their own music video. In the standard package they will learn to play their instruments, write a song, and perform it on stage like a real rock band.

But as an alternative, the music video session doesn’t involve actual playing of musical instruments. Instead delegates simply mime and perform to camera.

This takes the excitement to a whole new level as they design, plan, and turn the video into a reality. Continue reading “Team Building – Make A Music Video”