Are you a Walking Dead Fan?

Love The Walking Dead? Bring the zombie vibe to your team building event!

walking dead, zombies, thriller, team building, dance, music, corporate eventWith season 7 of the highly addictive television programme The Walking Dead being back on our screens, we are sure you are enjoying this blood thirsty knuckle ride of show! And for that reason we feel it’s right time to mention our zombie themed team building event.

Our thriller dance team building event is fun and energising and is ideal if you are looking for something a little different to bring your work colleagues together. Using professional choreographers, we teach you the iconic moves from the famous Thriller dance routine before bringing it all together to learn it for a full performance. Absolutely no dance experience is required and even those with two left feet and no rhythm will still find it easy to join in.

Then once you have mastered the dance its time to transform you all into some authentic gruesome zombies. We will give you a short tutorial on how to become a realistic zombie but you might not need help if you are already a Walking Dead fan. We then supply you with some nice blood splattered costumes so you can truly get into character, we also have Michael’s iconic red and black track suit so someone can become the legend himself! If you have a CEO or manager with a good sense of fun then it can work really well for them to play the part of Jacko.

If you want this as a shorter energiser session, then we can avoid the zombie make-up and get right down to it with the dance routine. Whatever you decide it will be a unique event that will be remembered in years to come.

So whether you want this as a smaller group affair for two hours with zombie makeovers, or a 30 minute energiser at a large conference, this Thriller team building event will leave your audience laughing and pumped up with excitement.

“We are often invited to PA/EA functions and I can safely say this was the best event I’ve been to in my 7 years as a PA. The event was well organised, the staff were superb and the activities were all of a high standard. Kindest Regards, Charlotte.”

Why not film the fun? Our film crew can capture all the fun in high definition and edit it for you to keep those zombie memories for all to enjoy.

Contact us to see how we can bring your next team building event to life.



Halloween Thriller Team Building Ideas

Make your staff feel valued by turning them into zombies.

Are your staff bored of the same generic team building events? Is it the same thing year after year? Are you looking for something more fun and engaging?

If yes, then take a look at our new Rock & Roll Thriller Team Building Live Event.

It is guaranteed to scare them into feeling valued and help them gel as a team.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is one of the most iconic and copied dance routines in the world; now you can your staff can also be a part of it.

No dance experience needed, our professional choreographers will help you every step of the way, even if you think you have two left feet!

This unique team building event is broken into three stages:

  1. Learn the hellish dance moves.
  2. Zombie transformation with our make-up artist
  3. Performance time.

Make a night of it

You could even combine this with our live band The Right Hook so the dance routine is carried out with a live band performing the music.

The Rock and Roll team can create a bespoke team building event however big or small. We can come to your office, a conference centre or a music venue for more authenticity.

We can even find the venue for you if you don’t have time. Let us take care of it so all you have to do is turn up and join the dancing undead.

Book now to receive a 10% discount quoting code THRILLER10 or get in touch for more information.

Christmas Corporate Event

Recreate Band Aid Music Video & Help Charity

Building on the success of our Make a rock band video event package, we are currently offering a very exciting and memorable corporate Christmas event that will not only reward, inspire and engage your staff, but will also help lesser fortunate people in Sub-Saharan Africa via the Self Help Africa charity at this festive time of giving.

In the sprit of Bob Geldof’s Band Aid – Feed the World campaign in 1984, your delegates will have the chance to recreate the famous video of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time’. Continue reading “Christmas Corporate Event”