Team Building – Make A Music Video

Design your own music video or recreate a famous one

This is one of our most popular music based corporate team building events. Here clients are given the chance to design, plan and perform in their own music video. In the standard package they will learn to play their instruments, write a song, and perform it on stage like a real rock band.

But as an alternative, the music video session doesn’t involve actual playing of musical instruments. Instead delegates simply mime and perform to camera.

This takes the excitement to a whole new level as they design, plan, and turn the video into a reality.

As well as being a great, fun experience, this is also an excellent way to use corporate music sessions to tackle real business team dynamic problems that are disruptive in the workplace.

Just as a new product, service or project of any kind would start in the boardroom with brainstorming before key decisions are made and then serious planning takes place leading up to design, implementation and launch of the final product, the rock band music video will follow the same pattern.

Here each rock band team member needs to understand their role within the team in order to work together and make the most of their combined creative output. Their wildest, most exciting ideas will be encouraged, but then reality and logistics will be carefully considered as they will need to actually produce this within the limitations of time, budget, and resources.

Video narrative and content can be left open or can follow strict guidelines which might be related to the company or even a specific forthcoming project.

The possibilities are expansive but which team will produce the best video and follow the brief?

The end result will be captured on DVD which the team can keep as a memento to create enduring memories from this positive shared experience.

This can run as a half day project, or extend to become part of a full day itinerary to allow the on stage performance to take place as well for the full rock band Rock & Roll Experience!

Recreate a Famous Music Video

This session also runs very well when recreating a famous music video. It really is a unique and exciting team building idea that will stay long in the memory, and of course on the DVD of the finished video that your team creates!

Excellent songs to recreate include the Band Aid Christmas single ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ with Duran Duran, Sting, Phil Collins, et al; as well as Lou Reed’s colloborative version of ‘Perfect Day’ with the likes of Elton John, Heather Small and Bono featuring.

As these are big group videos, and also very famous iconic works, they lend themselves very well to this event. This session begins with chosing roles; someone to play Boy George with his red hair, Phil Collins in his tank top, etc. They will then be directed by our pro musicians to record their individual lines so it is actually their own voices over a pre recorded backing track.

Of course, they can either sing the famous lines from the song, or for an even more personal appraoch, include a song writing session prior to this where they adapt the lyrics to fit the corporate image or a recent team project.

After recording the individual lines, and the ensemble parts, they will rehearse their video parts before we film them for real.

In both cases the project is then sent away and edited before the finished product is delivered to you within a couple of days to share around the office, with family, and with friends to remember the fun of the day and the shared achievement.

Here’s the finished result of one of our Christmas Music Video events

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