Collaboration – Building Effective Teams

A key aspect when developing an effective work team is collaboration. The word collaboration can be defined as, “To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.”

So essentially this is about team work. Working together to achieve a common goal.

Many work teams fail on this level and the long term consequences can be disatrous. If a team consists of members who are not working together, they are effectively working against each other.

Much of this comes down to communication. An uncollaborative team will often consist of members who withhold information from each other, who don’t support each other, and who don’t offer their ideas to one another.

And indeed the root of an uncollaborative team might be poor communication. Often this lies at the door of the team leader. If they are dishing out orders without fully involving the team, then eventually the team might feel that the team leader doesn’t value them, doesn’t trust them, doesn’t respect them. They will also struggle to see the wider picture of the project as they have only been given partial information.

Although it’s not always practical or possible, sharing information so that the team can make informed decisions impowers them, allows them to feel valued, allows them to contribute fully, and ultimately finds them naturally feeling more collaborative.

Our Rock & Roll Experience team building events are a uniquely fun way to tackle such issues as communication and team work. They get to the core of these fundamental issues so that the team can oevrcome the problems and become an effective group consisting of members that collaborate fully.

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