Self Esteem and Team Esteem

We are all familiar with self esteem; our own opinion and perception of ourselves, but many of us pass each working day without considering our team esteem at work.

A successful team will have a good team esteem. Each individual team member will share a general positive feeling about the team and perceive it to be doing things well. A team with low team esteem will be much less effective, will experience more internal conflict, and stress levels will be higher.

Of course conflict will occur in any team but a successful team recognises conflict as a good thing. It is a welcome way to challenge their own ideas and each member is receptive to differing views from their team mates, and ready to take these ideas on board and challenge their own views.

Raison D’être

A team with high esteem needs to understand its purpose, its reason for existing. What are their goals, what is expected of them, and how to they fit into the bigger picture? Without this focus they can aimlessly wander into a mentality of low morale and self worth.

They also need to feel that their reason for existing is important. It is very easy for us to take each other for granted, but it is critical that they believe that they are important to the company. They need clear goals which are measurable, as well as frequent assessment and feedback.

Different People

A team is often made up of different personality types and skill sets. A team with identical people will not be as effective as a team where each member excels at a certain aspect so that collectively they can cover all that is needed to a high level. Making sure the right people fill the right roles is crucial or lack of respect and appreciation will soon creep in towards those who cannot fulfil their tasks as effectively.

The Rock and Roll Experience team building events are an ideal way to address all of these issues and help ensure you have a team with high esteem.

Taking your team to the event will automatically make them feel appreciated and rewarded. But the event itself will build stronger relationships; it will enable people to value each other’s personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, rather than see them as a problem; it will make them stronger by taking them out of their comfort zone and making them work together to complete the tasks; and it will allow them to have a huge amount of fun together with memories that will last long into the future.

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