Top Tips to Boost Company Morale

Get your team happy and they’ll give you their best – Improve company morale

Low company morale can seriously damage a company. Everybody wants to have a job they believe in and to feel motivated and inspired. If employees feel this they are more likely to work harder and go that extra mile.

So what is morale? And why is it important to a team’s success and a company’s business goals?

boost company moraleMorale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose. Clearly this is something everyone wants for their company. If people feel good about their team, they’ll work harder towards a common goal and achieve more success.

Alternatively when a company lacks morale it will suffer, work will have a slower pace and people won’t have the enthusiasm. There are a variety of reasons that a company might not be doing so well. It could be down to poor leadership and communication, large workloads or even a lack of appreciation from managers. All these factors have a big impact on the way your team works together.

So, how can you avoid a depressing work atmosphere that’s full of unhappy employees and effectively build team morale? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you.

Morning Meeting:

A chat with your team over a morning brew can do wonders for company morale. It will give the team focus for the day ahead and drive to ensure they achieve their goals set out for them. Try to make it fun and engaging so that everyone leaves the room feeing inspired.

Change of Scenery:

Sometimes its easy for things to just chug along at a steady pace and staff begin to get abit bored, that’s why its important to have have change and keep things fresh. Perhaps you could hold meetings outside in the summer, in a different venue or  have a staff lunch afterwards. Although the best way to stimulate your employees would be to arrange a team building event. This will help re-energise and refocus your team.

Change the way you operate:

Make your company more team oriented, even in the smallest ways. Changing your everyday routine can help employees to feel more included and essential to the company’s success.  Talk about people working with you, not for you. Call your departments teams.  Also ask your employees to get involved in areas of the company that aren’t necessarily their job, this will benefit your company and it will increase their self worth. Most importantly, celebrate accomplishments.  Little or big rewards will make your employees feel good, and encourage them to keep going.

So there are so many possibilities for boosting team morale and what’s feasible for your company depends on its atmosphere and culture but no matter what your budget may be, there are affordable options.

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Self Esteem and Team Esteem

We are all familiar with self esteem; our own opinion and perception of ourselves, but many of us pass each working day without considering our team esteem at work.

A successful team will have a good team esteem. Each individual team member will share a general positive feeling about the team and perceive it to be doing things well. A team with low team esteem will be much less effective, will experience more internal conflict, and stress levels will be higher.

Of course conflict will occur in any team but a successful team recognises conflict as a good thing. It is a welcome way to challenge their own ideas and each member is receptive to differing views from their team mates, and ready to take these ideas on board and challenge their own views. Continue reading “Self Esteem and Team Esteem”