Dublin Conference Energiser

Dublin Conference Energiser

If you want great ideas for your Dublin corporate event then you're in the right place.

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Dublin Conference Energiser

If you need a conference energiser in Dublin then we would love to help you. We have a range of unique and highly effective music based conference energisers and icebreakers that have never failed to create the right impression.

They are tried and tested and always leave a highly energised audience who have created something special together. This is our niche, we are specialists and it’s all we do. That means we’re good at it because we live and breathe it!

And here we want to give you a case study of a really fun event that we delivered in the Convention Centre Dublin

The Brief: We were tasked with working with 450 delegates throughout the day. The end result is that they had to perform a well known song together as one large group along with a live band. But we had to design several small 5-10 minute sessions interspersed throughout the day to re-energise and lift spirits. We also had to split them out into four smaller groups to teach them their parts for the final performance.

The solution: We worked with the client to choose a song which would be well known by their international audience, was easy to learn, had the right vibe to be uplifting and also had the right messaging. We then worked with them to rewrite the song lyrics to create a bespoke song that was very personal to the company group.

We then created several short energiser sessions starting with a 10 minute ice breaker using a classic song from “The Greatest Showman”. Here we had our performers sing an edited version of the song whilst the other facilitators taught the delegates some simple backing vocals. This allowed them to be part of the performance and feel the power of working together, whilst achieving it within the ten minute allocation. You can watch it in this video below.

The next step was to break the delegates into four smaller groups to learn their different harmonies. Our facilitators are experts at taking non performers and creating a session that means everyone can succeed. We take them through easy steps to build confidence and allow them to break down barriers. We split them into four smaller spaces and got to work.

Music conference energiser
Music ice breaker

The Finale: Once everyone had learnt and rehearsed their group parts, it was time to come back together for the big performance. This involved over 450 delegates singing along with a live band. This is the big moment that creates a feeling like no other and really creates the long lasting magical memories.

We love the transformation of a group of people who are anxious, outside of their comfort zone and disbelieving that it is possible to perform successfully in a short space of time. And by the end of the session they have forgotten their inhibitions, perceived limitations and are suddenly sharing something special with their colleagues.

Not only is the journey really unique and fun, but they leave the session with a new sense of belief and confidence in what they can achieve when they work together.

Watch below to see the end result.

"I cannot thank you and your team enough for the amazing performance you’ve put together. I had so many people come to me to say that had the best time! Again, thank you so much!"
Thermo Fisher

We have worked with many of the best known companies in the UK and beyond but we’ve also worked with many smaller companies.

So if you want Dublin conference energiser ideas just click an image below to see some of our options and get in touch with details of your event for a bespoke cost breakdown.

Dublin Conference Energiser

Boomwhacker Team Building


The boomwhacker team building and conference energisers are high energy, high fun and highly effective at unifying a group and getting them to work as one team.

Rock Choir Team Building

Rock Choir

The rock choir team building and conference energisers are the feel good, hilarious and high energy option that leave people buzzing and on a high having achieved something special as a team.

African drumming Team Building

African Drumming

Our African drumming team building taps into something primal and allows delegates to experience a cathartic shared experience like no other.

Harmonica Team Building, Harmonica energiser

Blues Harmonica

Your team will create their own blues harmonica orchestra. Along with a uniquely brilliant session, they also keep their harmonicas as a memento.

Beat Boxing Team Event

Beat Box

Here your team will learn how to become expert beatboxers. This session is hilarious and brilliant and you will discover sounds that you didn't know your body could produce!

Thriller Dance Team Building

Thriller Dance

The team will learn the iconic Michael Jackson Thriller dance. They must work together to pull this off. We also offer other styles of dance which have the same magical experience.

“It wasn’t just creating a choir, the energy and the way in which you engaged with the crowd was brilliant. Even on the toughest of days, you all managed to get most of them involved! I absolutely loved it every day! I only wish we had more than 45 mins!!”
Rebecca Nicholson
Retail Support Manager UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.
“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Everyone loved it – I even overheard one person telling someone it was the single best team event they’ve ever done. So thank you so much to you and the team for making it a great afternoon.”
Louise Scanlon

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Conference icebreaker sessions

Simple but effective conference icebreaker

An conference icebreaker or energiser session is crucial. The task of keeping large groups of people engaged and focused at corporate conferences is the biggest challenge when planning your company conference. No matter how interesting your content, the human brain can only take so much information before it starts to lose concentration.

Our musical boomwhacker events have proven very effective at creating the antidote with a vibrant fun conference icebreaker that is very quick to set up, totally interactive and gets the delegates working together to create something special and memorable.

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes which are struck to create a percussive sound. Each different coloured tube creates a different melodic note so when conducted effectively en masse you have your own colourful orchestra! In fact by the end of a session as short as thirty minutes the group will be playing a piece by Beethoven.

This event provides an energising, high impact and brilliantly visual team building conference energiser activity. Our trained charismatic facilitator is able to very quickly teach the notes using colour codes to create a performance that encourages each tone group to take ownership of their new role and support the people around them. These groups will then play their notes as one to create their own musical masterpiece.

Boomwhackers can be used for a variety of purposes, including as an icebreaker, energiser or introduction to an event. They are suitable for all venues because they are small, light and take seconds to distribute throughout the room. Boomwhackers also provide a great option at venues that are concerned about noise levels because they are relatively quiet.

So don’t miss out on having a high-impact conference energiser that will guarantee maximum engagement in a fun, hassle free session.

We also have a very successful Rock Choir conference energiser that you might like to look at as well.

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For an equally effective alternative you may like our Rock & Roll Choir event

Boomwhacker Team Building Icebreaker

Looking for a different conference icebreaker?

The boomwhacker event will energise your delegates

team building, confrence, energiser, away day, music, icebreaker , conference icebreakerOur boomwhacker event is very popular and people always respond very well to it. But for people that have never seen boomwhackers they often have no idea what on earth this icebreaker is all about.

Boomwhackers are colourful plastic tubes that are tuned to a certain note. You can hit them together or hit them against your hand and they create a percussive sound with a definite note.

Our icebreaker and energiser team building events use these tubes to get a group working together, listening to each other, creating together and enagaging with one another. It is a very accessible event and the emphasis is on fun.

Here are some common questions and answers to help you quickly understand.

What Happens?

Delegates are taken through fun rhythmic warm up games to get them working together. They must communicate visually and through music with one another to work as a cohesive group. We then learn patterns which lead to the melody of a well know tune. At the end we bring it all together to create the performance where they will be surprised at how good they sound. A boomwhacker orchestra has been created!

How long does it last?

This works best from around 30 minutes to one or two hours. It’s great as a high impact, short session that leaves the delegates energised and ready for the next part of the day, or to end the day after a more sedentary conference style session.

How many people can take part?

Groups from around five people up to hundreds can take part. It works very well with small groups and allows a more intimate approach but when we get to work with large groups it’s also fantastic as the end result is that much more powerful.

Do we need musical ability?

NO! This event works for any age group, any physical ability, and skill set and best of all no experience is necessary.

Visit our boomwhacker event page or get in touch to find out more or book a session.

Check out this video to get a feel for the boomwhcaker conference  energiser session.