Conference icebreaker sessions

Simple but effective conference icebreaker

An conference icebreaker or energiser session is crucial. The task of keeping large groups of people engaged and focused at corporate conferences is the biggest challenge when planning your company conference. No matter how interesting your content, the human brain can only take so much information before it starts to lose concentration.

Our musical boomwhacker events have proven very effective at creating the antidote with a vibrant fun conference icebreaker that is very quick to set up, totally interactive and gets the delegates working together to create something special and memorable.

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes which are struck to create a percussive sound. Each different coloured tube creates a different melodic note so when conducted effectively en masse you have your own colourful orchestra! In fact by the end of a session as short as thirty minutes the group will be playing a piece by Beethoven.

This event provides an energising, high impact and brilliantly visual team building conference energiser activity. Our trained charismatic facilitator is able to very quickly teach the notes using colour codes to create a performance that encourages each tone group to take ownership of their new role and support the people around them. These groups will then play their notes as one to create their own musical masterpiece.

Boomwhackers can be used for a variety of purposes, including as an icebreaker, energiser or introduction to an event. They are suitable for all venues because they are small, light and take seconds to distribute throughout the room. Boomwhackers also provide a great option at venues that are concerned about noise levels because they are relatively quiet.

So don’t miss out on having a high-impact conference energiser that will guarantee maximum engagement in a fun, hassle free session.

We also have a very successful Rock Choir conference energiser that you might like to look at as well.

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