Fun team building activities

Fun team building activities do exist!

In fact we are so convinced by the statement “fun team building” that we have created a whole company around it.

If we asked you to sum up your past experience of corporate team building events, do you recall them with fondness? Possibly not.

In fact many clients that we work with tell us horror stories of past experiences that were dull, uninspiring and considered a waste of time by everybody involved. And as a result they were anxious about booking the next one because they didn’t want their colleagues aiming more displeasure at them!

Many of us have been forced to spend hours participating in mind numbing activities which often fail to build stronger relationships with our colleagues. In fact they often spread frustration because we know that inbox is filling up, the ‘to do’ list is not being chipped away at and we’re wasting time being bored without seeing any real benefit.

Fun Team building

Consequently, team building activities are often met with scepticism and are frequently stereotyped as being cringy, dull, clichéd and out of date.

But fear not, the Rock & Roll Experience is here to help. And we specialise in fun team building events!

We take the time to listen to our customers to find out exactly what they want the event to achieve. Are they looking for riotous fun to reward their team? Are they trying to reinforce a key message? Whatever it is, we listen to that and work with them to incorporate it and build our event around it.

We find that every organisation has a different need and requirement. Every client knows what makes their guys and girls tick. Every work group thrives on different things. At the Rock and Roll Experience our events coordinators always ensure that they establish the company’s needs and tailor each event to meet that requirement. We always ask our customers what their goals are and what they wish to achieve and take away from our events.

“Seems we will be calling on you again real soon. The fact we want to use you again says it all!!” Claire Chilton – GE Aviation

But the thing is, whether people just want a riotous jaunt or have a serious element that needs reinforcing, we will still have huge fun and create memories that will be remembered long into the future. All our events are music based and create a great experience. We don’t just run a session that you can be a part of. It’s a proper rock and roll experience. And who doesn’t like a bit of rock and roll in their life?

Our friendly and personal approach enables us to work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver an engaging, unforgettable and fun team building experience that really connects you to your team and drives the workforce in a positive way to promote team work and unity in your workplace. Weather you are looking for just a few hours, half a day or a whole day, the Rock and Roll experience can cater for any need.

Take a look around the website to see our events or get in touch today to find out more.