Why Team Building is So Important

Why Team building is so important and how it can help your business

A lot of employees wonder why team building is so important and as an employer you will always be trying to find new ways to help your staff work more efficiently. Team building events are a great way to bring people together outside their usual working environment.

So what are the classic team building events and why do employers pick certain activities? But even more importantly, how do you prepare for one so that you put on a good performance for your staff? Most employers see team building events as a way to improve working relationships between members of their teams and as a positive step to improving employee motivation. But they need to make sure they pick the right event to ensure their staff enjoy participating in the activity and that it has a positive effect on the workforce. This is why team building is so important.Why team building is so important

Sometimes these events can involve physical exercises such as abseiling down mountains or canoeing through rapids. These are all great fun but you need to make sure everyone within the company will be up for participating in such an active event that could be out of their fitness level and comfort zone. Other times you may choose more mental challenges such as completing projects against time and scoring points with quiz’s. This is more suited to everyone’s capabilities but some may feel its not as exciting and less memorable. These days the list of options is endless and it can be challenging just trying to decide what to go for. This is why you need to research it first and even have a chat with an event company.

The most common activity and most unplanned is an evening of drinks at a local bar or going out for a meal after work. You may not see this as a team-building exercise, but your employers don’t just put money behind the bar for nothing. They’re hoping that you’ll use the opportunity to get to know each other so you can work together as a more cohesive unit. Whilst this can have a positive effect, it is often not as successful as a planned event where people are forced to work as a team to achieve a goal together. Having a few drinks or grabbing a pizza once a month can be great for some social time away from the office but in reality it is not as successful in helping your colleagues achieve more professionally.

When choosing a team building activity you are trying to pick an event that consists of these basic points.

– Engaging
– Encourages leadership
– Involves problem solving
– Shows staff confidence
– Shows determination
– Uses brainpower
– Shows your employee’s personalities

Be Bold

When picking a team building event why not go for something completely different? Something that will excite your staff and bring everyone together to create something memorable. At work, there is a hierarchy which we have to conform to but on a team building day, if run properly, everybody is equal and having fun.

Team building activities are often met with scepticism and are frequently stereotyped as being cringy, dull, clichéd and out of date. But fear not, the Rock & Roll Experience is here to help. And we specialise in fun team building events!

We take the time to listen to our customers to find out exactly what they want the event to achieve. Are they looking for riotous fun to reward their team? Are they trying to reinforce a key message? Whatever it is, we listen to that and work with them to incorporate it and build our event around it.

We find that every organisation has a different need and requirement. Every client knows what makes their guys and girls tick. Every work group thrives on different things. At the Rock and Roll Experience our event coordinators always ensure that they establish the company’s needs and tailor each event to meet that requirement. We always ask our customers what their goals are and what they wish to achieve and take away from our events.

“Seems we will be calling on you again real soon. The fact we want to use you again says it all!!” Claire Chilton – GE Aviation

Our friendly and personal approach enables us to work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver an engaging, unforgettable and fun team building experience that really connects you to your team and drives the workforce in a positive way to promote team work and unity in your workplace. Weather you are looking for just a few hours, half a day or a whole day, the Rock and Roll experience can cater for any need.

Take a look around the website to see our events or get in touch today for a no obligation quote.