Make a Music Video Team Building

Make a Music Video Team Building

Give your team the best team building event ever

music video team building, team building, make a music video. pop video, rock videoThat’s a bold statement I know. But we stand by it. Our Make a Music Video team building event really is awesome and your team will love it just as much as every other team has enjoyed it too.

The essence of the event is that the teams design a section of the video and really make it their own. They can base their ideas on the lyrics of the song or a recent work project or anything else that fits. They think about acting, props, wardrobe and choreography. Sometimes they even record their own vocal parts.

They then rehearse it up and get ready for the shooting.

Here our professional film crew film them as they create their mind blowing. world altering music video scenes.

Once those are completed we just need the choreographed ensemble scenes to be shot and then it’s a wrap.

Whilst your guys hit the bar to share memories from that experience our film crew get to work editing the scenes to create the polished end result.

You then get to keep that finished music video so you can prolong the effectiveness of the event as your team relive it and share it with other colleagues.

That aspect makes the longevity of this event much greater so you will feel the benefits longer into the future.

Plus it’s ridiculously good fun!

Here’s a video from a recent Christmas make a music video team building event.

Of course, this isn’t just a Christmas event. You can run a Make a Music Video team building event any time of the year. We can use any song and theme it around whatever your event is so it’s very adaptable to fit each occasion.

Here’s a music video team building event that was earlier in the calendar and therefore has nothing to do with Christmas.

If you would like to speak with us about a music video team building event, or any of our other great music based corporate events, just get in touch and tell us what you need.