Get the most out of your team building event – Three Important Tips

How can you make sure you have a great time at your team building event

team building, team build, winning team, corporate successWhen picking your chosen team building event it can be daunting, especially as there are so many choices available to you and so many companies offering some fantastic events and ideas. But before you select a team building company you need to make sure you pick a provider who comes across as professional and a hundred percent confident in their events and service. They also need to deliver top marks across all the three areas below.

  1. The Company – Select a Team Building company that you know will fully engage and excite your team, that challenges the participants so that they do not find the activity boring. It is also important to call your team building company up before booking so that you get a feel for them over the phone and can ask any questions about the event. A good team building company will listen to your requests and will put forward their ideas and what they think might work. They should also try to tailor the event to fit your requirements to ensure everyone has a good time. Flexibility is the key and any company that can’t be adaptable and cater to your specific goals probably aren’t worth working with.
  1. The Staff – Whoever you select to run your event for you needs to have good quality equipment and employ staff on site that are engaging, friendly and charismatic. This will have such a positive impact on the whole team building experience. You might think how do I check this? Well a good team building company should have a professional up to date website with blogs, pictures and even videos of their most recent events. This will showcase their best events so far and will give you a good feel of what type of  team building events are on offer. Most companies also have testimonials from past clients so check this out as well. If they have run events for some big brand names it will also give you that confidence that they can be trusted.
  1. Unique is best – If we asked you to sum up your past experience of corporate team building events do you recall them with fondness? Possibly not. In fact many clients that we work with tell us horror stories of past experiences that were dull, uninspiring and considered a waste of time by everybody involved. And as a result they were anxious about booking the next one because they didn’t want their colleagues aiming more displeasure at them! Many of us have been forced to spend hours participating in mind numbing activities which often fail to build stronger relationships with our colleagues. In fact they often spread frustration because we know that inbox is filling up, the ‘to do’ list is not being chipped away at and we’re wasting time being bored without seeing any real benefit. Consequently, team building activities are often met with scepticism and are frequently stereotyped as being cringy, dull, clichéd and out of date. Make sure you pick a team building event that is different, something no one has done before that will keep everyone involved engaged and interested but most of all pick a team building event that is fun!

Check out our new team building overview video below which shows you the different events we offer and remember all our events are for any age group, any physical ability, any skill set and best of all no experience is necessary. In fact we prefer it that way because then everyone is really challenging themselves and being forced to succeed well out their comfort zone.

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