Rock Star Music Team Building Event – Unbelievable price

Awesome Music Team Building Event for under £1000, don’t miss out!

Rock & Roll Experience

Timescale: 3 hours to 1 day / Group size: 5-55 people

This is our flagship corporate team building event and the one that offers the true rock and roll musical experience. If you’ve ever wanted to perform on a stage in a band then this is the one for you. In as little as three hours our facilitators will teach everyone to play the basic necessities on an instrument, coach them to work as a team to create a song, and then help them get up on stage and perform to their colleagues.

No experience is necessary and anyone can do it. The magic is watching people’s faces of fear and trepidation in the morning, helping them find solutions as a group, and then seeing that moment when they realise that they can actually do this. And when they get up on that stage to perform their song which is always followed by rapturous applause, the adrenalin, smiling, and buzz of that group of people is something that has a long lasting, powerful effect. This truly is a team building event like no other.

We have a hilarious wardrobe of fancy dress costumes for the final performance, so everyone can feel like a true rock or pop star. Plus everyone has their own instruments upon which they are coached by our group of pro musicians, all this from under £1000! It really will be a an experience that you wont forget.

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“I recommend the Rock & Roll experience to any group of people who really want to become one team. People came together barely knowing each other, and left as a unified team who had just met a challenge head on and succeeded.”

Thibaut Legendre, General Manager for EasyCruit

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