Book Team Building or Entertainment event and get 5% discount

Big discount for any team building or live entertainment event

Here at Rock & Roll Experience we specialise in music based corporate team building events as well as live entertainment options such as our live band The Right Hook and our ever popular Rock & Roll game Show.

And right now we want to bring some Christmas cheer by offering 5% off any event that you book with use for January or February 2016 as long as you book it before the end of 2015!

We already offer amazing value for events which clients tell us time after time are a breath of fresh air because they are unique, exciting and avoid the usual clichés. So now you can bask in the compliments from your team for booking something so cool and original this year, whilst also feeling good because you saved the company money. Win win!

Our popular team building events include the full Rock & Roll Band Experience where delegates are taught real rock instruments before being brought together to rehearse as a band and then finally perform your own song on stage.

We also have the Music Video Experience where delegates design and star in their own music video which is then professionally edited and sent back to you to enjoy over and over again.

We have our Thriller Experience where choreographers teach the group the Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine before everyone is given the zombie make-over ready for performance time.

We have percussion energisers such as our junk percussion and boomwhacker sessions.

And we have the Rock & Roll Choir Experience where professional vocal coaches teach delegates the harmonies to a famous rock song.

These events all work best with zero musical skill or experience as the powerful effect of achieving the impossible is optimised. Your team will feel like they can achieve anything if they work together and they will also have a mass of hilarious shared memories.

When it comes to evening entertainment, our Right Hook band has played hundreds of shows from prestigious and large concert halls to small intimate venues across the UK and Europe. They are a firm favourite on the UK party scene and they can rock any event which needs live music. An incredible and unique after dinner event that leads well into the live band is our Rock & Roll Game Show. This sees a very interactive music quiz with a live band on stage, prizes, audience drum solos and play-doh sculpting!

If that or any other event sounds intriguing then explore the event pages and don’t forget to mention the 5% discount when booking.