Do you want an energiser that gets your conference attendees moving to the same beat? Junk Percussion

Junk percussion ice breaker and energiser events to make your conference rock!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to get your employees buzzing with energy? Do you want an energiser or ice breaker to really get your conference attendees moving to the same beat? Do you want the energy of hit West End show of Stomp to motivate your team?

If so why not book our rhythmic Junk Percussion Experience. Our expert team will deliver a fun, fast paced, energising team building workshop which will have everyone in the room smiling and working together to create music from junk.

The drumming workshops are very effective as an ice breaker or energizer session between 30 to 60 minutes with a group size of 5 to 100+. We can run the event anywhere you need us to whether it’s your office, a hotel, conference centre or even al fresco!

No previous skill  or musical background is required as our friendly expert team will warm everyone up with simple rhythm exercises to get people creating music together. We then develop these ideas into a final performance with split group rhythms, different dynamics and even solos!

The focus is on fun, laughing, creating music and high energy. This event really brings people together with a big smile and something to talk about afterwards.

“It was great fun and from chatting with people afterwards they were all having a laugh about it in the evening and talking about it the next day- which is testament to the fun they had. I think it was a great opportunity to try something new and different for most people and you guys did a great job in getting everyone involved, smiling and having a laugh, which was the main thing.” Nick Cheyne – Associate Commercial Strategy Manager, Pfizer Oncology

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