6 Essential steps to help working together in the workplace

 Working together at work is crucial

Here’s how to make it happen

Were put together 6 essential steps to help working together in the workplace and help make your office environment more harmonious. The concept of your employers working well together seems like an easy one, you all come to the same building, to work hard, to better yourselves professionally in order to earn more and progress in life; it sounds simple. However there are a few things that you can adhere to thus ensuring that the work journey for you and your staff is a successful one.

1. Respect Space

The first step to working together is ensuring that you respect one another’s space. If you are constantly stepping on your colleagues toes or being overbearing within the workplace you may find that the office harmony isn’t so great and that they don’t want to work with you. So always ask before entering a persons cubicle or office, be respectful and they will in turn do the same to you. It’s important that everyone feels like they have control of their work area.

2. Respect Time

The second step and also just as important as the first is respect people’s time. If you are allowed access to a colleagues work space try and refrain from discussing personal issues, unless they are also a friend and the conversation is not predominately work related. If not then stick to the point and be professional. Your colleague might be working to am important deadline and their time is just as valuable as yours.

3. Reward and Encourage

The third step to working well with your colleagues is to encourage those working with and around you to be as creative as possible. Also try to be appreciative of each other. Everyone is a valuable asset to the company and this appreciation will spur everyone to work harder for the same goal. So a pat on the back or a high five can really go a long way in ensuring everyone is working hard and feels good about themselves. As a manager or team leader you have greater control over rewarding those around you with bonuses or other perks, such as a day off, gym membership, or perhaps start a employer of the month system to help people achieve their work goals.

4. Take advantage of resources

Another good way to provide a positive atmosphere within the workplace is to ensure that all staff have access to training programmes that help workers become more efficient in their roles. More available resources make people feel more confident when doing their jobs and it gives them that extra support without having to constantly ask managers if they are stuck.

5. Be Supportive

Offering support in person to each person working with you or under you is something a lot of employers forget. It is important that the workplace maintains an open-door policy that encourages all staff to come to you with problems that they cannot resolve on their own. If you cannot help, you can direct that person toward the benefits or resources that can help them.

6. Arrange Fun Events

Finally, organise some team building activities for your company, as the rewards from high team effectiveness are well worth it. This is why team building activities really do help your business by enhancing employee relationships thus making your office environment a good one to work in.
If you are looking for a different team building event that will help your employees engage with each other and build a greater bond, then get in contact today for a chat or a no obligation quote.


Are you a Walking Dead Fan?

Love The Walking Dead? Bring the zombie vibe to your team building event!

walking dead, zombies, thriller, team building, dance, music, corporate eventWith season 7 of the highly addictive television programme The Walking Dead being back on our screens, we are sure you are enjoying this blood thirsty knuckle ride of show! And for that reason we feel it’s right time to mention our zombie themed team building event.

Our thriller dance team building event is fun and energising and is ideal if you are looking for something a little different to bring your work colleagues together. Using professional choreographers, we teach you the iconic moves from the famous Thriller dance routine before bringing it all together to learn it for a full performance. Absolutely no dance experience is required and even those with two left feet and no rhythm will still find it easy to join in.

Then once you have mastered the dance its time to transform you all into some authentic gruesome zombies. We will give you a short tutorial on how to become a realistic zombie but you might not need help if you are already a Walking Dead fan. We then supply you with some nice blood splattered costumes so you can truly get into character, we also have Michael’s iconic red and black track suit so someone can become the legend himself! If you have a CEO or manager with a good sense of fun then it can work really well for them to play the part of Jacko.

If you want this as a shorter energiser session, then we can avoid the zombie make-up and get right down to it with the dance routine. Whatever you decide it will be a unique event that will be remembered in years to come.

So whether you want this as a smaller group affair for two hours with zombie makeovers, or a 30 minute energiser at a large conference, this Thriller team building event will leave your audience laughing and pumped up with excitement.

“We are often invited to PA/EA functions and I can safely say this was the best event I’ve been to in my 7 years as a PA. The event was well organised, the staff were superb and the activities were all of a high standard. Kindest Regards, Charlotte.”

Why not film the fun? Our film crew can capture all the fun in high definition and edit it for you to keep those zombie memories for all to enjoy.

Contact us to see how we can bring your next team building event to life.



Team Building Brochure 2017

Team Building brochure 2017 Launched!

Are you looking for new team building ideas or different team building activities? That’s why Rock and Roll Experience have kicked off 2017 with a new team building brochure to highlight our best events and help you decide what’s best for your company. Rock & Roll Experience offer a range of different corporate team building music events to fit every team building need. These range from short ice breakers up to whole day team building sessions, from five people to five thousand and anything in between.
team building brochure, music team building, team building ideasBut for all of our team building events we aim to make a real difference to a team whilst having a great time using music and we are also happy to tailor an event to your company so that its even more unique.

All of our team building events are completely adaptable to meet any budget, any time frame, any location, any group size, and suitable for any person.

The teams are guided by professional musicians and expert facilitators to find solutions to challenges and to work together towards the common musical goal.

See a list below of some of the events we offer with a guide to how many people and for what time frame they work best. Click on each event link to see the event details in full and watch the videos.

Or scroll down and click the big red button (you can’t miss it!) to see our team building brochure to get the over view and videos links for each event.

Team Build Events

Rock & Roll Experience
Timescale: 3 hours to 1 day
Group size: 5-55

Rock and Roll Choir
Timescale: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
Group size: 5-1000+

Junk Percussion
Timescale: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
Group size: 5-100+

Thriller Experience
Timescale: 30 minutes to 2.5 hours
Group size: 5-1000+

Make a Music Video
Timescale: 2 hours to 1 day
Group size: 5-60+

Boom Whackers
Timescale: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Group size: 5-100+

 team building, music team building, team building ideas, fun team building

Rock Star Music Team Building Event – Unbelievable price

Awesome Music Team Building Event for under £1000, don’t miss out!

Rock & Roll Experience

Timescale: 3 hours to 1 day / Group size: 5-55 people

This is our flagship corporate team building event and the one that offers the true rock and roll musical experience. If you’ve ever wanted to perform on a stage in a band then this is the one for you. In as little as three hours our facilitators will teach everyone to play the basic necessities on an instrument, coach them to work as a team to create a song, and then help them get up on stage and perform to their colleagues.

No experience is necessary and anyone can do it. The magic is watching people’s faces of fear and trepidation in the morning, helping them find solutions as a group, and then seeing that moment when they realise that they can actually do this. And when they get up on that stage to perform their song which is always followed by rapturous applause, the adrenalin, smiling, and buzz of that group of people is something that has a long lasting, powerful effect. This truly is a team building event like no other.

We have a hilarious wardrobe of fancy dress costumes for the final performance, so everyone can feel like a true rock or pop star. Plus everyone has their own instruments upon which they are coached by our group of pro musicians, all this from under £1000! It really will be a an experience that you wont forget.

Click Here for more information

“I recommend the Rock & Roll experience to any group of people who really want to become one team. People came together barely knowing each other, and left as a unified team who had just met a challenge head on and succeeded.”

Thibaut Legendre, General Manager for EasyCruit

 Get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

Boomwhacker Team Building Icebreaker

Looking for a different conference icebreaker?

The boomwhacker event will energise your delegates

team building, confrence, energiser, away day, music, icebreaker , conference icebreakerOur boomwhacker event is very popular and people always respond very well to it. But for people that have never seen boomwhackers they often have no idea what on earth this icebreaker is all about.

Boomwhackers are colourful plastic tubes that are tuned to a certain note. You can hit them together or hit them against your hand and they create a percussive sound with a definite note.

Our icebreaker and energiser team building events use these tubes to get a group working together, listening to each other, creating together and enagaging with one another. It is a very accessible event and the emphasis is on fun.

Here are some common questions and answers to help you quickly understand.

What Happens?

Delegates are taken through fun rhythmic warm up games to get them working together. They must communicate visually and through music with one another to work as a cohesive group. We then learn patterns which lead to the melody of a well know tune. At the end we bring it all together to create the performance where they will be surprised at how good they sound. A boomwhacker orchestra has been created!

How long does it last?

This works best from around 30 minutes to one or two hours. It’s great as a high impact, short session that leaves the delegates energised and ready for the next part of the day, or to end the day after a more sedentary conference style session.

How many people can take part?

Groups from around five people up to hundreds can take part. It works very well with small groups and allows a more intimate approach but when we get to work with large groups it’s also fantastic as the end result is that much more powerful.

Do we need musical ability?

NO! This event works for any age group, any physical ability, and skill set and best of all no experience is necessary.

Visit our boomwhacker event page or get in touch to find out more or book a session.

Check out this video to get a feel for the boomwhcaker conference  energiser session.

Create a Successful Team

The secrets of a winning team

A recent survey conducted by communications software company Unify, looked into teams that are not based in a single location and the ingredients that made the difference between unsuccessful and successful teams. The outcome was that being grouped in the same location, or spread geographically in several locations actually has no direct impact on the success of that team.

What did have an impact was how those team members communicated with one another. The pertinent finding was the way in which those team members engaged with each other, the frequency of that engagement, and openness that they displayed when communicating. Simply put, the successful teams were the ones that engaged often, spoke their minds, contributed freely, spoke on a personal level, and contributed equally to the mission.

Here is a short comparison of the findings grouped between teams that considered themselves to be successful and teams that considered their success to be very limited. Continue reading “Create a Successful Team”

What Is Team Building?

How Can Team Building Help Us?

We’re all aware of team building, and many of us have been dragged out on various team building days: some of which might have been fun and highly effective, whilst others might have been boring, embarrassing and a complete waste of time.

But what is the point of it all? Here we take a quick look at this all important question. Continue reading “What Is Team Building?”

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a crucial aspect of an effective team. An unmotivated team will be unproductive, and liable to cause more conflict within the group.

A motivated team consists of members that naturally strive to get the task completed quickly and to a high standard. They are more likely to go beyond the minimum expectation, they will be enthused, engaged, and able to contribute to the task with ideas, solutions and creativity.

An unmotivated team will need constant leadership intervention just to get them moving and completing tasks to the minimum requirement. They are less likely to contribute beyond what is asked of them, and are less likely to offer useful ideas. They also have greater potential for bringing down the naturally motivated members and therefore sabotaging large numbers of the team.

So it is safe to say that a highly motivated team is essential to business success but how do we create a naturally motivated team? Continue reading “Employee Motivation”

Collaboration – Building Effective Teams

A key aspect when developing an effective work team is collaboration. The word collaboration can be defined as, “To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.”

So essentially this is about team work. Working together to achieve a common goal. Continue reading “Collaboration – Building Effective Teams”

Team Building Member Stars in Caribbean

Our very own team building facilitator, Chris Sullivan, has just returned from a second string of leading vocalist performances aboard the huge P&O cruise liner Azura.

As he sailed through the Caribbean, entertaining the international crowd as they soaked up the luxury lifestyle and high quality entertainment, we’re sure he was pining to be back in the UK and working with us.

And we weren’t jealous for a moment! Continue reading “Team Building Member Stars in Caribbean”