Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas

Unique Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas

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If you are searching for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas then you’re in the right place. We are very used to performing at these often spectacular Jewish coming of age celebrations by proving the party live music and DJ sets with our band the Right Hook. And we love watching the other aspects of these events and seeing what goes into making them so special.

But more recently we’ve found some of our other events becoming popular. Although they were originally created for corporate situations, we have found they work just as well with children in school groups, for families at private parties and also Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah events.

These events have been enjoyed by big names such as:

  • Tiffany & Co.
  • KFC
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Boots
  • Asda
  • Ikea
  • RSA Group
  • Pfizer
  • Shell
  • Dairy Crest
  • GE Aviation
  • And many more…..

team building, corporate events, musc eventsAnd we love being able to bring the events that these large coporations love to people at their private events when they want to create a big impact, plenty of ‘WOW factor’ and leave a lasting memory with a unique event.

“I loved how different it was from anything we’ve done before or anything that’s available elsewhere. I liked working with your booking team on building the event and found the whole process really easy. You guys took any pressure away and delivered a fabulous event on the night.” Amy Moore – RSA Group

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas

Our popular Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas include:

The Rock and Roll Choir Experience

“It wasn’t just creating a choir, the energy and the way in which you engaged with the crowd was brilliant. Even on the toughest of days, you all managed to get most of them involved! I absolutely loved it every day! I only wish we had more than 45 mins!! Rebecca Nicholson – Retail Support Manager UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

This is great for the son or daughter who loves singing. Our vocal coaches teach your party the harmonies for a famous song. We have scope to tailor the lyrics to your event and we have the pick of hundreds of songs so we can choose something relevant to your son or daughter’s audience. Even the most reluctant singers get stuck in and enjoy the uplifting feeling when our expert facilitators have warmed them into it.

The Thriller Dance Experience

“I don’t want to lose the moment of praise so before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to say thank you. You took a last minute request in your stride and couldn’t have been more helpful. The event was a huge success and the team loved it and that was largely down to the choreographer and her lovely, bubbly personality – she is an asset to you and it wouldn’t have been the same without her. The team were a bit anxious to find out what they were doing but everyone embraced it and was surprised at how much they enjoy it. Overall a huge success and a great night had by all – thank you.” Hannah Eborall – Executive Assistant – LifeSearch

Our choreographers teach the moves to a famous dance routine. Above you can see the video where we teach the iconic Michael Jackson dance routine. We have the option to include a zombie make over or just keep you looking like humans and enjoy the energy of the dance.

But we’ve also done line dancing, tap, street dance, Grease movie dance routines and more. There’s so much scope to have fun and create a special memory here. Once again any reservations about the event soon dissolve and even the people with two left feet are surprised at how much they get into this and have a great time.

The Right Hook Band

“Brilliant set guys! Thank you for getting the party started and keeping it going relentlessly until the early hours. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a packed dance floor all night and it was amazing to have all our best friends dancing the night away with us to some very good music. Some fantastic memories made with you providing the soundtrack. You were a pleasure to deal with throughout and totally delivered on the night. Thanks again, Emma and Simon

Our band the Right Hook have performed at hundreds of events including many Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah parties so we know how to make sure a crowd has an amazing time. We have a huge repertoire to cater for all ages and musical tastes – the main aim to keep that dance floor full of happy faces.

If you want to book any of these Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ideas just get in touch.

Halloween Party Idea

Our Favourite Halloween Party Idea

If you are looking for a Halloween party idea to really create the ‘WOW’ factor then you might like this. Our Thriller dance experience started off being used at corporate conferences but soon people loved the idea so much they started asking us to provide it at their private parties to give their guests something special to remember.

Since then we have run this in people’s homes, barns, halls and hotels across England and it always creates a magical response. In most cases it’s a total surprise so the guests really enjoy the impact when we burst into the room and announce what we’re going to do.

Timescale: 30 minutes to 2 hours / Group size: 5-2,000+ people

Starting with some ice breaker, fun exercises we get everyone on board and make sure they know we’re going to have fun. We then start learning the iconic Thriller dance routine from Michael Jackson’s 1980s smash hit.

Then we work up towards the grand finale – the final performance! We can provide the zombie make over or you can make the event a fancy dress party so everyone arrives ready for it – even though they didn’t know it was going to happen.

If you want to create special memories that last then we can have the event professionally filmed too. Below you can see an example of this.

“We used The Rock and Roll Experience for a team building event for our office of 40 people. We were quite hesitant about whether people would enjoy this activity, but it completely surpassed all expectations – every single person in our office LOVED it  and everyone has been talking about it non-stop since! Josh, Dan and Matt were brilliant and so entertaining, they knew exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and have fun. Definitely recommend The Rock and Roll Experience!.” Louise Porat Spinmaster Toys

So if you want a Halloween party idea that makes your party stand out why not get in touch for details on how we can run this for you. We have a range of other music based events that might also interest you so have a browse around the website.

 Get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

Christmas Team Building and Party Ideas

Christmas Team Building & Party Ideas

Create a memorable Christmas party with our music events

Christmas team building, Christmas office party, ideasIf you are looking for something different for your Christmas team building and Christmas party this year then we might have exactly what you need. Our music based Christmas team building, energiser and Christmas entertainment events are unique, memorable and highly effective at delivering exactly what each client needs for their event.

All of the events are created bespoke for each client so that they fit your exact needs but they are all based upon our tried and tested events that we know will work perfectly. Below are some of our most popular options.

Rock and Roll Choir

This is one of our most popular events with good reason. The rock and roll choir is a high energy feel good event. It can work well with large groups as an energiser or with small groups for a longer team build session. We can use a Christmas themed song or stay well away from that if you are already fed up with hearing the same songs over and over for two months! There’s even a chance to modify the lyrics and create your own version of a famous song.

“It wasn’t just creating a choir, the energy and the way in which you engaged with the crowd was brilliant. Even on the toughest of days, you all managed to get most of them involved! I absolutely loved it every day! I only wish we had more than 45 mins!! Rebecca Nicholson – Retail Support Manager UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

It was such a pleasure to work with you all, the experience was fantastic and we have had nothing but widely positive feedback.” Claire Paterson – Retail Support Assistant UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

Thriller Dance Event

This might seem like an odd choice but this is really popular as a Christmas event. Of course this is also very popular around October and November with the obvious Halloween connection. But we find that people wanting something different for their Christmas team building or party also love to learn this famous dance, get a zombie makeover and just generally let lose having fun learning some iconic Michael Jackson moves.

“Thanks so much for a great team building activity on Thursday, it went down really well and everyone really enjoyed it! Pretty much the whole team loved it, including those of us with no co-ordination at all haha… we had a few people who said it was totally out of their comfort zone and weren’t overly excited when we surprised them, but by the end of it they were loving it too!” – Rosie Allen, HR Advisor, Campus Living Villages

Make a Music Video

Our make a music video event is amazingly good fun and exciting whatever time of year. However, Christmas time allows us to create a Christmas themed music video with your team. What could be better? You can re-record your own lyrics for a famous Christmas hit song before planning and starring in your own music video. This creates an even bigger impact because everyone can watch the professionally edited video and share it with their friends and colleagues for years to come.

“Everything hit the mark in terms of both people having fun and coming together – the energy was good ! Thank you for making it a success!” – Alex McCulloch Project Leader, Ikea

Christmas Party Entertainment

As well as the Christmas team building and energiser events we create some very special Christmas parties each year with our live band the Right Hook. They take pride in making sure the dance floor is kept full all night. As well as being a great band we also have a totally unique after dinner event that we have created.

It’s called the rock and roll game show and it bridges the gap perfectly between dinner and evening entertainment. Here teams battle it out for prizes in a chaotic, whacky music quiz that sees your delegates on stage with the band, creating play-doh models and competing in air guitar solos. And we have a very special Christmas version that gets everyone competing in a festive game show that sets them up for the dancing that will follow when the band start playing.

“I have had lots of good verbal feedback so far, people loved the live band element because we’ve never had live entertainment before – I’ve never seen so many of them up on the dancefloor!  I think they also really enjoyed the quiz and you guys judged the atmosphere really well and went with the flow.  I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know – you were really professional and I felt like everything was in safe hands and I could relax and actually enjoy the party too!” – Rachel Foskett – Kantar Media

“We were soooooo pleased with the way things went during the day and in the evening.  Everyone had a great time thanks to you guys! “ – Amy Moore, Marketing Manager – RSA Group

So if you want to discuss any of these options for your Christmas team building event or a Christmas party for your company team get in touch and we’ll help make sure the event is remembered for the right reasons!