Team Building Steps Up A Gear

Team Building has just got a whole lot better. We’ve all built rafts, tasted wine and walked on planks, but how many of us have experienced the thrill of performing on a stage and playing the part of a rock star?

From the Jack Daniels infused haze of last night’s gig, come the Rock and Roll Experience pro musician band leaders, ready to take your staff on a journey. They will train your staff up on their chosen instrument, teaching them the craft of songwriting, and prepare them to display stage ready musical brilliance before thrusting them up into the limelight to show the world what they are capable of.

Enjoy a day that will stay in your memory for years to come. Make the most of these positive shared memories, and ensure they follow you back to the workplace to convert into productive teams that excel in what they do.

For those fearful of treading the boards in front of their colleagues, this experience is all inclusive. Whether you want to knee slide across the stage whilst performing a blazing guitar solo, or take a low key role playing shaker at the back behind your colleagues, it is all possible. And the realisation that a band is a team and that the shaker player contributes to the over all sound as much as the egotistical guitarist is something that each group will become aware of.

Let your team create the magic of music together and feel the buzz of this shared achievement. Allow them to go from songwriting brief, to fully written song and performance in one day. Allow them to overcome challenges, support the weaker players, and ultimately succeed as a team.