Why competition at work is good

Don’t be afraid of competition at work

They say there’s nothing like a little friendly competition at work to bring people together. After hosting so many team building events and experiencing team building activities, we have proof to back that up. People love a little friendly competition, so much so that most of our Team Building Activities have some competitive elements.

Competition at work drives us to do better

competition at work
Rock & Roll Gameshow

Competition works as a motivator because it pushes us to exceed and do better. Not only are we driven to exceed our own capabilities, but also those of our teammates and coworkers as well. Friendly competition in a relaxed setting, encourages people to work together and to spend time together, creating social bonds which strengthen teamwork. Taking it a step further, competition fosters cooperation, which is the backbone of good teamwork.

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

We all know how easy it can be to become jealous and in some cases people can take it to heart if they are losing, which can cause bad feeling. Sore losers can easily spoil the fun, while bragging winners can also ruin a joyous atmosphere. How do you keep the event friendly whilst still encouraging people to compete against each other?

Some of our programs feature some kind of contest, for example our gameshow event is structured around the idea that competition brings out the best in people, plus there are several rounds where everyone can win something. Our rock band experience sees people taught to play an instrument and then rehearse in a band before competing in the battle of the bands. Our facilitators are specially trained to keep the games friendly and exciting, They’ll make sure bragging winners or sore losers won’t spoil the event for anyone. All our events are fun and engaging, so that everyone walks away feeling like a winner! Why not get in contact today to discuss our range of events and see what would suit your company.