Conference Energiser to Get Your Delegates in Harmony

Singing Conference Energiser

Our Rock Choir conference energiser is one of our most popular events for good reason. Quite simply – it works really well. We use this event for small groups right through to huge conferences. It works well as a two hour team building session with smaller groups and works equally well from as little as 30 minutes as a conference energiser.

The main reason it works is that we use the uplifting magic of singing to get the group working together to achieve a high energy, endorphin releasing outcome.

And so we’re really excited to launch our new showcase video below.

What if my non-singers don’t like it?

Every client asks this question because they all, understandably, have the same fear. But we have highly skilled vocal facilitators that warm the delegates up gradually starting with some fun (and quite silly) vocal warm ups before moving on to learning the song content. It is all carefully constructed so that even the least musical person in the group can follow, engage and share the successful result. It’s about having fun, being a supportive group and reaching the desired outcome of creating something special.

In fact the bosses at famous jewellers Tiffany & Co. had the exact same concerns and you can watch the highlights video below. These are non-singers and the session started with many apprehensive faces staring back at us. See if you can spot anyone in that room that isn’t smiling, taking part and having an amazing time at the end.

Here are some lovely comments we received back:

“It wasn’t just creating a choir, the energy and the way in which you engaged with the crowd was brilliant. Even on the toughest of days, you all managed to get most of them involved! I absolutely loved it every day! I only wish we had more than 45 mins!! Rebecca Nicholson – Retail Support Manager UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

It was such a pleasure to work with you all, the experience was fantastic and we have had nothing but widely positive feedback.” Claire Paterson – Retail Support Assistant UK & Ireland -Tiffany & Co.

And also from  John Lewis:

“Just to say a huge thank you to you today, it was brilliant. The sessions were really fun and our guys seemed to get involved and enjoyed their singing!” Claire Gilbert – Regional Learning Facilitator – John Lewis

And Sainsbury’s:

“It was fab thank you- loads of fun. You got it just right on the amount of micky taking and who he could pick on which was brilliant!” Karen Zwager – Sainsbury’s

We could go on because the event gets such positive feedback but hopefully you get the idea. So watch the video below to get a feel for the energy and get in touch if you want to discuss how we can bring this or any of our other events to your conference or team building day.

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Rock and Roll Choir Team Building Event

How to sing your way to Success

Choirs are big news at the moment due to people like Gareth Malone and the BBC’s Last Choir Standing revolutionizing the choir world. Our Rock and Roll Choir Team Building Event workshops can be a large or small group activity that creates harmony whilst providing loads of fun. With our trained vocalists we will take the teams through some enjoyable vocal and rhythm exercises. Amidst much laughter, a journey of discovery is undertaken in which a harmonious, unified team is created. At the end they will be able to sing a popular tune as a choir group with surprisingly good results.

No previous singing experience is needed for these workshops. We choose easily accessible songs from the rock and pop world. This can be based upon the ethos of your company, a recent project, or simply chosen by us. Our choir events can run as a short ice breaker or energizer session, as well as a longer team building event which allow the delegates to write their own lyrics to a famous song which could be linked to your company or left open to their imagination.

So why choose the Rock and Roll choir? Here’s a list that highlights the benefits of this event:

  • Improving communication between departments, management and co-workers.
  • Increasing effectiveness in accomplishing a goal.
  • Better team and better leadership skills.
  • Uplifting morale and team spirit
  • Bringing a sense of harmony into the work place.
  • Developing co-operation and trust.
  • Bonding and motivation.
  • Better interpersonal relationships.
  • Increased motivation and a sense of achievement.
  • More energy and receptivity.
  • Learning acute listening skills.
  • Increasing focus, alertness and concentration.

Take a look at our video below of  a recent Rock and Roll choir event. If you like it and want more information get in contact today for a no obligation quote.