Rock & Roll Experience Photographer performs with Bryan Adams

The very talented live band photographer, Joe Strudwick, is the man behind all the live band shots at Rock & Roll Experience. He certainly knows how to take a great photograph when other people are performing but we didn’t know whether or not he was any good at performing himself.

That was until he was picked out of the crowd at Guildford’s Magic Summer Live festival to play the part of Mel C and duet with Bryan Adams, the headline act, for the track ‘Baby When You’re Gone’.

He got straight up on the huge stage and performed to the crowd of thousands like a seasoned professional, even throwing in a scissor kick and dancing behind the guitarist for the guitar solo.

These moves garnered him some of the biggest cheers from the whole festival and local fame is now keeping him busy.

We’re not sure if we’ll get him back to take any more photos of our events now he’s hit the big time!